Why use PsyFi?

Reinventing community owned financial infrastructure.

What is PsyFi?

PsyFi is building a suite of open-source, accessible, and best-in-class option infrastructure and vaults products on Solana. These products allow users to tailor investment strategies to their risk/reward appetite and include yield generating option vaults and under collateralized, cash settled, European-style options. We also automate a wide range of trading strategies, removing the hassle of managing positions and optimizing yields for users.

Note: The protocol is not accessible to U.S. persons or from the United States or its territories.

Why Use PsyFi?

The PsyFi DAO is one of the only true DeFi DAOs on Solana, meaning all the protocols are owned by the PsyFi DAO and the PSY token holders onchain through the Realms governance program . Why does it matter? Because the protocol is less susceptible to private key attacks and the teams incentives are aligned with the PSY token holders. As of this writing, PsyFi is also the only provider of vanilla structured products on Solana. With the addition of PsyLend and Call/Put spread strategy vaults, users will be able to greatly increase their capital efficiency on their option strategy while they earn sustainable yeild. These are both DeFi first primitives an unavailable anywhere else on Solana.

PsyFi Ecosystem

  • PsyOptions - Permissionless American & European option infrastructure

  • PsyVaults - Structured products and lending markets that offer returns across the risk spectrum.

  • PsyLend - A borrow lending primitive allowing users to borrow against their vault positions to improve capital effeciency, leverage, or hedge.

  • SDX (Solana Derivatives Exchange) - a DeFi Option Automated Market Maker (AMM) that supports option creation for any crypto asset.

  • Armada is a multi-faceted platform that helps teams launch tokens and implement robust value accrual tokenomics with governance

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