Boosting your Staking Rewards

When you deposit funds into V2 vaults you have the ability to boost your staking rewards up 2.5x through locking up your vault tokens for various durations of time. The benefits of locking up your vault tokens are two fold. Firstly, it gives you the chance to boost your staking rewards, and secondly it aligns your vault position with a longer term time horizon to realize the full expected APYs of each vault strategy.

Lock-Up Times & Boosts

Lock-Up DurationRewards Boost Multiple

No lockup

1x rewards

30 days

1.15x rewards

60 days

1.25x rewards

180 days

1.5x rewards

360 days

2.5x rewards

Things to Note

  • Lock-ups are not reversible. Rewards rate are not guaranteed throughout the entire lock-up period, and may be subject to governance votes.

  • You can extend or lengthen the lock-up period of existing vault tokens by depositing additional vault tokens at any point, but the lockup needs to be equal or greater than the remaining lockup period

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