PSY 2.0 - How to Claim Rewards For Staked PSY

PSY 2.0 gives PSY token holders the ability use governance proposals to decide the destination of protocol token streams.

Certain of those proposals may send tokens to PSY stakers, in which case they would need be claimed manually. Below are the instructions on how to manually claim and tokens that are sent to PSY stakers. 1. First visit the PSY staking page at and connect your wallet.

  1. Under Active Stakes, you will see all the different tokens you have staked, and their corresponding stake weight, stake start, and stake end date. Click 'Claim' under each stake row to claim the tokens that are associated with that position.

  1. In the modal that appears, click the 'Claim' button, sign the transaction and then you're done! The claimed tokens will be in your wallet.

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