PSY 2.0 - How to perform DeMuX Actions on Reward Pools [RFC]

This document is in a draft state and is open for comments from the community

DeMux aggregates all tokens sent to it and allows sPSY holders to vote on how those tokens can be used. To read more about DeMux, see docs here.

Init Mint Address Strategy Let’s walk through an example of how to create a proposal to send 100% of mSOL Tokens sent to demux to PSY Stakers. This DeMux strategy is called Init Mint Address.

  1. First head over to Amrada’s PSY staking DeMux page [insert real link] and click yes to indicate that your proposal will be an SPL governance proposal.

  2. Next, fill out the correct Realms parameters for adding a new Mint Strategy:

    • Proposal Name: A name of the proposal that will appear on Realms.

    • Realms Pubkey: The public key of the specific realms you will be submitting a proposal for. For PSY this would be C86YXG9bdBsdBryymHgj5Ar9wifApJTcLgeKwQUCrmAE

    • Governance: The Governance public key of this proposal. For creating a stakepool this would be the PubKey of the DeMux Governance or HrPtL4kgJp4C866RPtoQbg2gqdND7qdgi17vgDEiHUYE.

    • Governance Program ID: This value will be self filled.

    • Council Vote Checkbox: This determines if the proposal should be voted on with Council Tokens. Generally, this will be unchecked for all proposals.

  3. Next you need to fill out the appropriate parameters for the actual mint strategy:

    • Mint Address: This is the token address of what’s being sent to DeMux. I.E. If you want to send mSOL from DeMux to PSY Stakers, this would be mSOL’s token address.

    • Associated Token Address: This is the destination address of where the tokens should be sent. In the hypothetical case above, if you want to send mSOL from DeMux to PSY stakers, this would be the mSOL reward pool you made for PSY stakers.

    • Distribution Percent: This is the percentage of tokens you want to be sent to the Associated Token address entered. All strategies must have a distribution percentage of 100% either in a single row or through multiple rows. In our example, we would put 100 here to represent 100% of mSOL tokens being distributed to PSY stakers.

    • Add Row: Add row allows users to add multiple different destinations for the token to be actioned on. Hence you can send 50% of tokens to PSY stakers and 50% to team treasury.

  1. When done click Add to Proposal, sign the transaction and then head over the realms page to vote on your proposal to pass it!

When the proposal passes, the token's who's mint address you've configured using the above steps will be implemented automatically.

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