Understanding Staking Rewards

With the introduction of V2 vaults comes the ability to collect staking rewards for depositing.

Vault staking rewards are calculated each staking epoch and are independent to each vault. All staking epochs are set to repeat each 24 hours at 0000 UTC. At 0000 UTC, rewards will be accrued to stakers in the vault. A position needs to be staked for a full staking epoch before rewards are accrued.

Rewards are distributed pro-rata to all stakers based on their share of TVL in each vault and the reward multiplier from locking up vault tokens.

How Is The Reward Distribution Rate Determined?

Vaults have target TVLs that determine their share of total reward emissions. For example, if the BTC Call vault TVL target is $1M USD, and the total target TVL across all vaults is $10M USD, the BTC Call vault will have 10% of the total staking reward emissions.

Hover your cursor over the reward tag on any vault with active rewards to learn the weekly reward emissions for that vault.

How Do I Claim My Rewards?

To claim your rewards, connect your wallet and click the "Rewards" button on the navigation bar. Any eligible rewards your account has accrued can be withdrawn by clicking "Withdraw".

Things to Note

  • Whenever you deposit or withdraw from a vault, staking rewards will be claimed automatically for that vault. You will have to wait until the next staking epoch before rewards will start accruing again.

  • Any staking rewards will also be claimed automatically when pending deposits are finalized.

  • If you cancel a pending withdrawal, unstaked vault tokens will be returned to your wallet. You will have to re-stake the vault tokens in the Deposit tab in order to receive staking rewards.

  • Rewards are subject to governance vote and emissions may vary over time. Past or present emissions are not a promise of future reward emissions rates.

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