PSY Tokenomics

PSY is purely a governance token that manages the smart contracts, and treasury of tokens through on-chain voting. Proposals will be made on-chain, and voted on with the PSY token.

The PsyFi protocols generates revenue from fees. These fees are deposited into an address controlled by the governance protocol, with which PSY tokens can make proposals and cast votes.

Note: The PsyFI Protocol is not available in the United States or other prohibited jurisdictions.

The PSY Token

  • Token Symbol: PSY

  • Max Supply: 1,000,000,000

  • Circulating Supply: See real time circulating supply here

  • Token Type: SPL

  • Token Contract: PsyFiqqjiv41G7o5SMRzDJCu4psptThNR2GtfeGHfSq

The PSY Token breakdown is as follows:

  • Team/Contributors/Advisors: 15%

    • For building PsyFi from the ground up.

  • Private Round 1: 5%

    • Our initial funding round with an emphasis on Market Makers who can provide liquidity for PsyFi.

  • Private Round 2: 7%

    • Our second funding round with an emphasis on investors who can help PsyFi grow. Participants of this round got in at the same price as IEO participants.

  • IEO: 3%

    • 1% FTX IEO

    • 1% Gate IEO

    • 1% Initial liquidity and rewards initiatives

  • DAO Treasury: 60%

    • The token allocation for the PsyFi DAO. These tokens can be unlocked through future governance proposals to further grow the PsyFi Ecosystem.

  • External Contributor Fund: 8%

    • These tokens will be used to fund, and incentivize contributors that help grow the PsyFi Ecosystem. At this time they have yet to be allocated, and are not a part of the circulating supply.

  • PSY Liquidity Provisions: 2%

    • Reserves for market makers on exchanges.

Are Team, and Private Round Coins Vested?

Yes, Team and Private Round coins are vested for four years with a one year cliff. However, during the Token Generation Event, 10% of the Private Round 1 and 10% of the Private Round 2 coins will enter the circulating supply.

Where Can I Get PSY?

PSY is currently available on the following exchanges, with more to come:

Centralized Exchanges

Decentralized Exchanges

Can I Stake PSY?

PSY 2.0 introduces the ability to stake PSY and vote on distribution of protocol fees. See PSY 2.0 for more details.

Do PSY Token Holders Receive Protocol Revenue?

PSY 2.0 introduces the ability for PSY stakers to vote on distribution of protocol fees, putting the power into the communities hands.

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