Migrating Funds from V1 to V2 Vaults

The PsyFi vaults received a major upgrade with the launch of a V2 vault architecture built on European cash settled options and trading through Serum. These vaults offer users superior yield through increased cash efficiency for option buyers, better user experience, and the ability to stake your vault tokens for staking rewards.
To get all the benefits of the V2 vaults make sure to transfer your vault tokens with the simple 1 click migration tool we've built.
  1. 1.
    Visit where the V1 site will still be hosted.
  2. 2.
    Connect your wallet.
  3. 3.
    Open a vault page which you have active positions in.
  4. 4.
    If you have vault tokens in your wallet for the vault page you are on, you will now see a V1 to V2 migration modal. You can also find the migration modal by clicking on the withdraw tab.
Example of V1 to V2 Migration Modal
5. Chose your desired lock-up for the V2 vaults and click "Transfer". *Note* that your lockup period must be greater or equal to any existing tokens you have locked up in the V2 Vault. 6. Accept the transaction in your wallet. 7. Your funds have now been transferred to the V2 vaults!
Migration Troubleshooting:
  • If you do not see the modal appear on the vault page and you have deposited into the vault, ensure that you have exchanged your deposit receipt for vault tokens. Click "Exchange Deposit Receipt" on the deposit tab to receive your vault tokens and perform the steps above.
  • Since V1 vaults are being deprecated, the vaults will no longer be accepting deposits or withdrawals. The deposit and withdrawal buttons will be disabled. If you want to withdrawal completely from the vaults, transfer your funds to V2 using the process above, and withdraw from the V2 vaults once complete. There is no withdrawal fee currently for the V2 vaults, though this may be subject to change.
  • If you need to get back to the transfer modal, simply click on the withdrawal tab of vault page.